Total Surface Protection Kit


This is the ideal kit for those looking the maximum protection and surface functionality, inside and out, of their car – whether new or fully corrected. The kit offers protection for paintwork, light lenses, glass, exterior trim, rims, leather seats, carpets, door cards, and dashboard. The small kit respresents a 20% saving over buying the products individually and the large kit 25%.  We recommend the small kit for cars up to and including a BMW 5 series saloon and the large kit for any vehicle larger than this.

Kit Contains
1x 30ml or 50ml Crystal Serum Light
1x 30ml or 50ml EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating
1x 15ml or 30ml C4 Permanent Trim Restorer
1x 15ml or 30ml C5 Wheel Armour
1x 15ml G1 ClearVision Smart Glass
1x 500ml I1 Smart Fabric AB
1x 100ml L1 Leather Guard AB
1x 100ml C6 Matte Dash AB
1x 250ml Panel Wipe
10x MF1 Zero Microfibre Buff Cloth

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